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8 Essential Items To Have In your Camping Kit.

There are few basic requirements for your Camping arsenal that should be covered first. These will include a tent, sleeping bag, food and a cooking device.
Once you have the basics covered, you can really expand your Camping Kit into a mighty camping/hiking resource.

Camping for some people has been something they have been lucky enough to have grown up with. For other people it is something that they may have just been introduced to, or they always had an interest in, but never had the courage to venture out and try it for themselves. One problem people face is that they are unsure on what items they need to bring with them. Hopefully with the information below, they will be able to start including these items into their own Camp Kit, and be safe in the knowledge that the camping/hiking trip they are taking will be more enjoyable because they are better equipped to handle most situations.

Below are some items that people may not think of at first, but should make it on everyone’s list of important camping items.

First Aid Kit

A First Aid Kit may not seem like an obvious item that people would want to bring camping or hiking. However, a small first aid kit is an essential piece of Camping and Hiking equipment that should be included. A suitable Camping first aid kit needs to have some of the basic first aid products contained inside. As a minimum it should include a range of different size Band-Aids, Sterile cleaning swabs, Large Wound Dressing, Emergency Blanket, Sting relief and Pain Killers. This should treat the majority of conditions that people may encounter our in the wilderness. You need to have the ability to treat yourself or others when you are out in the wild. In some cases this can be the difference between surviving or not.

Emergency First Aid Kit

Fire Starter

Matches or some sort of a Fire Starter are also a very important requirement. If you are bringing matches, ensure they are in a waterproof container. You can get waterproof matches, but also having them in a good container will prevent any issues. Having a flint fire starter is a great back up to matches.

Camping Shovel

A good quality Camping Shovel and leather Gloves of some sort should also be something that is considered in your list of Camping Products. The leather gloves can be great for grabbing a hot pot or kettle from the fire, or for any of the dirtier work you need to attend to around camp. A good quality camping shovel can be used for a whole range of uses including digging a toilet hole, creating a safe fire pit, extinguishing the fire when finished and moving hot coals around your camp oven. A multi-purpose shovel that includes other features like the one shown below, ensures that you are limiting the items you need to bring when camping or hiking. It should be good quality and made from lightweight Aluminium and Stainless steel.

The below example also includes the following items as part of the shovel;

  • A Compass
  • Magnesium fire starter rod
  • Screwdriver
  • Hammer
  • Knife
  • Rope cutter
  • Hex tools
  • Saw
  • Ruler

The head of the shovel can also be locked in different positions to form a hoe for a different digging style.

Multi purpose shovel in your Camping Kit

A Multi purpose Shovel should be part of your Camping Kit

Camping Shovel

Multi purpose Shovel




A Compass and Map should be a definite inclusion if you are a Hiker. It is so easy to “get off course” when you are out in the woods. This may be because the trail doesn’t always lead you in the direction you need to go, or you may change direction looking at great scenery. People these days like to rely on newer technology like a GPS device. While these are good, it’s always great to have a reliable backup in a Compass and paper Map. Its important that you fully understand how to use both of these before you venture out.

Camping Knife

A good quality Camping Knife is another essential item that should be included in your Camping Kit. It needs to be strong and versatile enough to do multiple jobs. It can be a personal knife that is held in a belt pouch, or form part of your kitchen. Either way, it needs to be good quality and something you can rely on for a number of different tasks. It can also serve as a personal protection device as well should the need arise.

Personal Items

Good quality Clothing that suits the current weather conditions and also unexpected weather is something else that you should think about as part of your kit. Lightweight, breathable clothing, that has a good UV protection rating for hotter conditions, and thermal, waterproof clothing for cooler/wet trips. Storing a poncho in your kit as a permanent item is a good lightweight addition for unexpected summer rains. Quality hiking shoes and strong boots should also be considered.

A good quality Hat is a must! It can get very hot out on some trails and you need protection from the sun. A good quality hat will keep you cooler, protect you from sunburn and could also potentially help save you some of your precious water.


Tarpaulins and ropes are something I always carry. I actually carry 3 tarpaulins, in different sizes. These are very useful for sun and rain shelters, wind breaks around your camp, a floor for your camp, and to use as a protective base underneath your tent. They can also be used to collect and direct rain water to a tank or container, and in the event that you get lost and you need to be seen from the air, then an erected tarpaulin is a great way for search planes etc to have a better chance of spotting you.

There are so many items that you can include in your own Camping Kit, and note that everyone will have their own preference, but I believe the above items should be a part of everyone’s kit and some of these may not be items you would normally think of immediately.



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