Camping Stuff for Your Next Camping Trip.

When it comes to camping stuff to take on your next camping trip, the sky’s the limit. If it serves a purpose, or if it will make your camping trip more comfortable and provide more fun, but most importantly if you can fit it in, then great! Bring it along.

Most people think of camping as just pitching a tent and being “as one” with nature. As a minimum, they may pack a few sleeping bags, a tent and some food items. Nothing wrong with that at all, but if you want to enhance your camping experience, then bringing a few additional items will “take the edge off” and will ensure that all family members have a great time! Enjoying camping as a family or with a group of friends is the ultimate experience.

There are a countless numbers of additional camping products you can consider to bring along. Here are just a few of them that can make the camping experience a lot more comfortable.


If you’re not into crawling out of the tent at night to use the bathroom, you may wish to take one of these along. You can put it in a corner of the tent, or in a separate “toilet tent” for everyone’s convenience.


There are many inexpensive portable hammocks that you can invest in. You can use a frame or tie them to two nearby trees and enjoy life from your hammock. If you have room…this is a GREAT item to include. Takes up minimal space and really completes the camp experience.

Inflatable Pillows

Next time you go camping you won’t have to sit on your pillow to pack it. These are ideal and you can stow them in a backpack or in your other camping gear. Just blow them up to inflate them and voila, you have an instant pillow.


Never go outdoors without it. Even if it is cloudy out, you can still suffer from a sunburn from the powerful UV rays. Be wise and always pack some sunscreen. Getting badly burnt on the first day of your camping holiday can restrict some of the activities you wish to do.

Insulated Water Bottle

Unfortunately many inexperienced campers/hikers do not take enough water with them, or do not have a provision to collect water from fresh waterways. An insulated water bottle to keep your water fresh and cool whenever you are able to access water is a minimum requirement.

Sturdy Hiking Boots

If you’re into hiking, you’ll want to have a pair of sturdy hiking boots to wear. These will help to support your ankles preventing a painful twist of the ankle. They will also protect your feet from sharp rocks and in rare instances, snake bites.

Multi-tool for Camping

There are many Multi-tools on the market. Carrying one tool that does a range of different tasks is the smart way to go. You’ll save room in your camping kit, reduce your weight, and be assured you have most circumstances covered.

See below for a great example of a quality Multi-tool.

This particular item includes the following tools;

Mini knife, Spanner, Saw, Pliers, Wrench and Screwdriver.  It is a quality item and is made from 420 Stainless Steel.

Camping Stuff

A quality Multi-tool is an item that should be included in your camping kit


Camping Stuff


Folding Camp Chairs

Buying a quality camping chair is going to save you money in the long run. You will get many years of use from a better quality chair. A tip when buying is to decide what you actually want from your chair. Did you want a side table attached? How about it reclining? What about Steel or Aluminium? Taking the time to think exactly what you want will make sure you are truly happy with your camping chair, so you can get the most use out of it. Don’t leave home without them. You’ll regret it if you forget it!!

Camping Lantern

There are a variety of great lanterns on the market today. You can choose from LPG (gas) powered lanterns, battery operated fluro lanterns to portable rechargeable LED lanterns. Make sure that you have plenty of spare batteries and for LPG (gas) lanterns ensure that you’ve brought along enough gas either in a bottle or cartridges and extra mantels. Also, ensure that you have a way to light your gas lanterns. If you are camping in the wild for an extended time, then you may want to invest in a portable rechargeable LED lantern that you can charge from the sun.

Solar Chargers For Your Electronics

Now we know that you’re camping or hiking, but for some, it’s challenging to part with your cell phone. Or perhaps you’re bringing the cell phone along for the GPS capability or staying for an extended time and need to operate a laptop/tablet for work purposes. Either way, bringing along a suitable solar charger that will use the sun to charge your portable unit is a smart option. Always check the input and output of your charger to avoid damage to your unit.

Small Portable Camp Cooker/Stove

Many areas won’t allow open campfires due to fire hazard. (Check with your National Park to confirm fire restrictions for certain times of the year). In such cases, take along a small portable cooker/stove. This can be LPG (gas) operated or a small hibachi type that will allow you to use charcoal briquettes. Please note that in some areas during fire restrictions, even a briquette cooker is not permitted.

Solar Camp Shower

Depending on how long you’re going to be gone and how rustic your camping is going to be, you may wish to grab a shower now and again. A solar camp shower will heat your water from the sun during the day and you can grab a quick shower later in the afternoon or evening. These are usually gravity fed types. One option to conserve your drinking water is to use nearby waterways to collect water, then heat over the fire and then fill the solar shower pouch up. Taking a few of these along will ensure you always have a nice hot shower when you desire.

Inflatable Hiking Sleep Mats

For some people, this may not be required, but if you can fit them in, then it makes the whole camping/hiking experience more comfortable. There’s nothing worse than hiking all day and then having an uncomfortable and restless sleep because you don’t have enough padding between yourself and the ground. It may make the next day hiking a little harder than it should be. Always look for quality when buying an inflatable mat. It will ensure you are not lying on the tent floor in the morning because your mat has failed! There are 2 options, self inflating or one that requires a pump. The self inflating type is generally larger in size when empty. Always take a repair kit. Regarding the pumps, you can get 12v,  battery operated or hand pump. I generally use the 12v for quicker inflation, but always make sure I have a hand pump packed as a back up.

Personal Lighting

A good flashlight or LED headlamp is a necessity. When things go bump in the night and you want to go investigate, you don’t want to accidentally walk on a scorpion or into a skunk. There are many types available, either non chargeable (don’t forget spare batteries!), or ideally one you can re-charge with your solar charger. Newer LED types draw less power and are brighter.

Insect Repellent

Camping Stuff

Large and Small Tick Remover

A suitable insect repellent is required to keep mosquitoes, flies and other insects away, but is sometimes overlooked. Don’t let them ruin your trip by biting you, after all the whole reason for hiking/camping is to enjoy the outdoors. Some mosquitoes can also carry disease, so it’s important you are protected. Another item that will take up no room in your camping kit, but will assist in tick removal is a Twist Tick Remover. A low cost item that will ensure easy and clean removal of ticks.

 Personal Water Filter Or Water Purification Tablets

A great addition to your camping kit when you don’t have the capacity to carry extra water. If you’re in doubt about the cleanliness of your water source, you could use water purification tablets or a water bottle that contains an excellent fine filter built in to ensure harmful bacteria is removed before drinking.

Camping Stuff wrap up

There are a lot of different camping products that you can take with you on your next camping trip. It really depends on how long you plan to be gone, where you’re going and what you can fit in. Some of the above-mentioned items may make your trip more comfortable. Remember though, you don’t need everything at once. Adding camping stuff to your camping kit gradually as you need it, will result in a very well equipped kit over time.



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